NULINE DANCE is a new generation of dance. Using many basic steps from traditional forms of dance, Nuline embraces a wide range of music genres and dance styles - Latin, Celtic, Pop, Jazz, Waltz, Country and more!

At Nuline, we dance in lines, everyone has a place on the floor, there are no partners, and we learn choreographed line routines. We all do the same steps, but there is room for individual flair!

Nuline Dance - Fremantle commenced in May 2015.


We start a new series of Absolute Beginner, Easy Beginner and Beginner-Improver classes every term, 4 terms per year.

Intermediate sessions are ongoing. People are encouraged to try out the higher levels when they feel ready for a little more challenge.

 Sue Hall has 12 years’ experience as a dance instructor with a background in multicultural dance and Nuline Dance.  Also a qualified Social Worker and Music Teacher, Sue has been teaching adults and children all styles of piano from her home studio near Fremantle since 2005.

Nuline Dance founder, Alison Johnstone is originally from Scotland and we are so lucky that she now lives in Perth, WA. Alison started Nuline Dance in 2010.

There are 155 Nuline clubs in many different countries around the world, including UK, Ireland, Europe, S-E Asia, South Africa, USA & Canada. Here in Australia there are also Nuline Dance clubs in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, ACT and the Northern Territory.

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